Advertising in the programme book


1500 € for a full page colour advert in programme book (the book will be A5 size).

800 € for a half page colour advert in programme book

1000 € for an insert in the congress bags (insert to be provided by you, packing in bags done by SETAC)


Advertisements of companies in programme book have to purely institutional (promoting the company itself) and may NOT be promoting any products by the company. Similarly, if logos are to be included, the logos have to be the logos of the companies and not those of any products.

Leaflets in the conference bags shall not bear the logo or name of SETAC, SETAC Europe nor the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting.


Please complete the advertising contract and send it to Valerie Verstappen at SETAC.

For more information, please send an e-mail to or call the SETAC Europe office +32 2 772 72 81.