Young Scientist Award (YSA)

The Young Scientist Awards (YSA) are to honour the best Platform Presentation and the best Poster Presentation at the SETAC Europe Annual Meeting:

  • The YSA Best Platform Award is made available by the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC).
  • The Best Poster Award is made available by the Tom Feijtel Fund. The Tom Feijtel Fund was established in memoriam of Dr Tom Feijtel († 2005) who was a driving force for the advancement of environmental science within his company Procter & Gamble, but also a significant contributor to the science debates in ECETOC, CEFIC, LRI and the European Union.

The two Young Scientist Awards are intended to honor individual prominent performance in scientific work of a MSc student OR a scientist within 3 year from MSc graduation, OR a PhD student. Both award winners are invited to the next Annual Meeting and also receive a free SETAC membership.

To be considered you must be the first AND presenting author of the submitted paper and indicate this on your online abstract submission form. 

ONLY ONE YSA submission per person will be accepted. If you submit multiple abstracts for consideration for the YSA, your abstracts will not be taken into consideration for the YSA.

The platform or poster presentation will be evaluated by 3 senior scientists on the basis of originality of the approach; quality of the work (e.g. appropriate methodology, interpretation of results, conclusiveness); quality of the presentation (e.g. clarity, response to questions); and self-reliance and independence (not one of co-authors, but the most active, if more than one author).

The winners of the Young Scientist Award will be announced at the Closing Ceremony of the Annual Meeting (on Thursday 13 May 2013), in the SETAC newsletter (the Globe) and on the SETAC website after the Annual Meeting. The winners will also receive a free registration to the next SETAC Europe Annual meeting and travel and accommodation support.