We invite you to join us at the 6th SETAC World Congress / SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting in the Estrel hotel in Berlin from 20-24 May 2012:

Securing a sustainable future:
Integrating science, policy and people

This theme spotlights sustainability at a time when world leaders will be gathering again in Rio de Janeiro to address the issue globally.

SETAC’s focus will be on integrating different views and disciplines, on balancing the conflicting interests of stakeholders and on addressing societal needs of the future. The goal is to develop a sustainability management framework with tools that have a positive impact on the global environment. While solutions may differ in different parts of the world, the theories behind credible solutions are global. "Think globally - act locally" will recapture its relevance at a time when urgent solutions are needed.

The 21st century demands a broader approach to sustainability, one that draws on the best of the range of environmental sciences and practices found in SETAC. The Berlin Congress will provide the ideal venue for developing a broad and credible SETAC statement on sustainability (the “Berlin Declaration on Sustainability”) and for establishing a sound theoretical approach that leads to tangible results and contributes to the global Rio-plus-20 process and beyond.

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Download the abstracts, extended abstracts and presentations

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