Invitation to contribute

SETAC Europe is very pleased to be able to support the following projects: UNEP the Billion Trees Campaign and the foundation of SETAC Africa as an independent Geographic Unit (GU).

Billion Trees Campaign

At the opening ceremony of the SETAC Europe annual meeting in Milan (2011) it was decided to launch the trees for Africa initiative. A donation box was used at the meeting to receive one euro contributions from delegates.

A total of 1271 euros was raised at the annual meeting in Milan 2011, mostly through a substantial donation from the Congress Centre (MIC). The catering manager of the MIC had been at the opening ceremony and was moved to donate the balance of what SETAC Europe owed in settlement of catering costs (over 1100 euros) to the trees campaign; a very generous act!

We have donated this money to enhance a project in Cameroon that is expanding and conserving the Mbiame communal forest for the provision of ecosystem services including water supplies, biodiversity and carbon. This project was selected because SETAC Europe and SETAC globally have built a strong partnership with Cameroon’s Patricia Bi Asanga Fai (vice president SETAC Africa) from the University of Dschang, who led the organization of the SETAC Africa meeting in the University of Buea in association with the Cameroon Society of Toxicology (CSTS).

This year, at the annual meeting in Berlin, we will be looking for additional support, and that is where we need your help. By donating, you help us supporting UNEP the Billion Trees Campaign.

What you can do to contribute:

Foundation of SETAC Africa as a G.U.

SETAC World Council has approved, in principle, the foundation of SETAC Africa as an independent Geogrpahic Unit (GU) of SETAC. SETAC Europe will provide administrative and financial support to meet the challenges of this endeavour.

Please would you help towards the costs of setting up SETAC Africa as a GU, by giving a donation to our Africa Fund.

What you can do to contribute:

Would you have any questions on these donation possibilities, please contact SETAC Europe.